How Military Parents Can Aid A Child Who Didn't Do Well In School

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Some children tend to excel when it comes to academics. Others may do just an average job in school until they graduate. If your child struggled in school, it was likely to become a struggle for the entire family. All parents want their children to succeed in life and would like to have a way to make sure that their child can care for themselves into adulthood. If you are a military parent of a child who struggled in school, here are some things that you can do to help your child after they graduate. 

Have them go to online college 

Depending on the reason why your child struggled in school, online college is likely to be a better decision for them. If your child had anxiety or had issues with getting along with other students, an online college will be easier for them to deal with socially. Since all of the discussions will take place online, it will be easier for them to feel comfortable contributing to classroom talks. If your child had an issue with concentration, they will be able to do their class readings and homework on their time, rather than having to worry about being in class at specific hours. 

Ask them to stay with you

If a military dependent remains in school, they can keep their military identification card until the age of 21 years old. Since your child will be a full-time student, they can remain with you in base housing. Being able to remain at home during their schooling will allow them to get help from you with school work. If your student had a hard time keeping to a good schedule, the rest of the family can help them continue with a regular schedule. It also helps that your child can get a good job or job training while being in college and live at home for free, without stretching their finances. 

Have a family meeting about progress once a month

Just as the military provides you with structure, you can provide your child with the same structure. Have a family meeting about the progress that your child has made each month. Speak freely about how they feel about going to school online and if there are any changes that they feel they need to make in their program. Having family discussions about your college students schooling will make sure that you and the rest of the family is able to help direct them towards their proper path in adulthood. 

For more information, check into online colleges for military members or family members of the military.