How Positive Podcasts Can Help People With Depression

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Approximately sixteen million adults in the US suffer from depression. That does not take into account the number of adolescents or children who also suffer from this mental disorder. There are more than enough medications to help treat the problem, but even then, the medications do not always help fully and/or the side effects are worse than the disorder. If you are wondering how you can cope with depression and help motivate yourself to do more, there are positive podcasts that can help. Here are some examples, and how these podcasts can help.

Comedic Podcasts

​The best medicine for depression is laughter. Even if you do not feel like laughing, laughing just because can help. Your brain will release some endorphins that will ease your mood a little. You may have to listen to several comedic podcasts to find your own brand of humor and who you think is funny. Then listen to podcasts by those comedians whenever you need a little boost. 

Comfort and Empathy Podcasts

​Having people understand what you are going through really helps. If you do not have any friends or family to turn to, a comforting podcast that talks to you like someone who just knows​, helps. There are plenty of podcasts created by people with depression for other people with depression, and you might find them really helpful and comforting. They will talk about how they feel and what bad days and good days are like for them, and this can help you feel like you are connecting to something larger than yourself. That is ultimately how people with depression get out of some of the funk they feel to feel just a little better. 

Motivational Podcasts

Depression can rob you of motivation to do anything. Motivational podcasts can help by giving you a little extra "kick in the pants." Maybe you will select a podcast that will help you at least get out of bed and take a shower. Maybe you will select a podcast that gets you outside for a walk or a jog. If you pick motivational podcasts for exercise, they are always positive, and the benefits of exercise dramatically improve your mood too, even if it is just for a short time. Like other positive podcasts, you will have to sift through waves of podcasters to find the ones that really "speak to you" and then listen to everything those podcasters produce. If they have subscriptions to their podcastings, you may want to sign up.