3 Ways A Nurse Coach Can Improve Your Nursing Performance

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If you're like many nurses, you went into the healthcare field because you care about your patients. You want to do your best to provide excellent care so people can heal and get back on their feet sooner. You may not realize that ongoing training with a nurse coach can vastly improve your job performance. Here are three ways a nurse improvement training service can make you a better nurse:

1. Learn from other disciplines.

Cross-training is a large part of nurse improvement training. This means that you'll learn from nurses working in specialties besides your own. You may learn from nurses who have done hospice care or obstetric nurses. This will widen your knowledge base and make you a more educated, well-informed nurse. You'll be able to better care for your own patients with the new understanding you gain from a nurse improvement program.

2. Become more patient.

Patience is an especially important quality in a nurse. As a nurse, you spend much of your day working closely with colleagues and doctors. In situations where time is of the essence, it can be easy to become frustrated with your coworkers. Nurse improvement training will have you learning alongside other nurses, and through the program you will gain a better grasp on the struggles they deal with daily. This can help you to empathize with them and appreciate their point of view. Your patients will benefit when you're calmer and more tolerant, since a relaxed environment is more conducive to healing.

3. Assist mentally ill patients.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, 1 in 5 Americans will deal with mental illness this year. Since mental illness is so prevalent, it's likely that you will treat many patients who struggle with mental illness. Unfortunately, mental illness is highly stigmatized, and it can be hard for those who suffer from it to seek help. Therefore, it's important that their healthcare providers treat their metal issues with sensitivity and understanding. A nurse improvement training program can help you learn how to better relate to patients with mental illness. You will learn how to respond to their unique situation in a kind, respectful, and professional manner.

A career in nursing can be both difficult and rewarding. In order to be the best nurse you can be, you must continuously be learning. A nurse improvement training program may be just the thing you need to take your nursing skills to the next level.