What You Should Know About Getting Your Flying License

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Being able to operate an airplane will require you to have the proper training and licensing. However, you might not be fully aware of what flight training will involve.

Do You Have To Own A Plane To Take Flying Lessons?

There is some confusion, as individuals might think that they will need to own a plane before they can start to take flying lessons. However, this is not necessary. Most flight training facilities and services utilize an instructional plane. In fact, many of these facilities will require students to use these planes regardless of whether they own their own aircraft. This is due to safety and maintenance concerns along with ensuring the instructor is familiar with the aircraft.

Will All Of Your Flying Lessons Have A Trainer Accompanying You?

While your flight instructor will accompany you on the majority of your flights, there are requirements for solo flight time that will have to be met by the student before they are able t obtain their license. Not surprisingly, these requirements should only be satisfied at the end of the training process, after the student has completed the training material and shown that they understand the concepts. It is important to document the time spent solo flying. Otherwise, it may not qualify towards your licensing requirements.

Are There Limitations To Your Private Flying License?

Individuals will often assume that a flying license is similar to a vehicle license. However, the basic license that students are first awarded will have a number of restrictions attached to it. For example, the basic license to operate a private plane may not include operating the aircraft during low-visibility weather. Additionally, those that are wanting to use their flying license commercially will need additional qualifications. By discussing your flying goals with the flight school, you will be able to develop a training program that will allow you to meet your goals.

Are Major Airlines The Only Job Opportunities For Pilots?

If you are wanting to use your flying license for career opportunities, you might assume that major airlines are the only employers for professional pilots. However, there are a variety of charter services that also hire these professionals. In fact, many flight training schools partner with companies that employee pilots. While the requirements to become a professional pilot are much more stringent, it can be a rewarding and lucrative career option for those that have the desire and dedication to complete the intensive training required of commercial pilots.